Garden - Kids Craft Box
Kids Craft Box

Garden - Kids Craft Box

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Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Introducing our new GARDEN craft box with a mixture of floral and insect crafts. Perfect for any craft loving kid.

This box comes with 5 fun crafts with all the materials you need...except a toilet roll.

Everything you need in 1 box!!


Want the crafty fun to continue, add a craft upgrade to get 2 extra themed crafts for $5
If you have more than 1 little artist, say 2... we now have the sibling box option. This option allows you to have all the materials needed for 2 little artists to complete the crafts. We double up the required materials and save you having to buy 2 boxes and it comes all boxed together.

If you have a 3rd child, just order a sibling box and add a third child option to your cart.

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