I’m not even kidding. Pre kids me totally thought I would be the crafty mum. Fast forward 18 months and I had an 18mo daughter and I despised the hassle and mess of craft time.
Another year down the track and I found myself juggling newborn and trying to entertain a craft loving two and a half year old. I figured if I could prepare the craft activities in advance that would help me a little - and let me tell you it worked wonders!
Somehow my need to be prepared (and to help myself sane in the throes of the newborn days) became a business idea which, which I unknowingly launched just a few weeks before the spicy cough pandemic hit. How's that for timing? But it worked and here we are!
So what does this mean for me? Basically, I'll be your craft bestie! I’ll plan and prep your craft session because " ain't nobody got time for that" (except me, of course). You get to spend your precious time with your kids doing craft and making memories instead of spending hours scrolling Pinterest for the perfect craft and ending up overwhelmed.
For my Perth Peeps, it gets better. I also run craft workshops year round so you can enjoy the fun crafts and leave the mess (and glitter)for me to clean up.
So let me save you some time and money , turn you into a craft whiz and keep the kids happy. Go and check out what I have on offer.
Future you will thank you!