Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Kids Craft Box?

A Kids Craft Box is a box filled with curated craft activities. Each box has 4-5 activities and each box has a theme. Each box usually has all the materials required to complete the craft activities with the occasional exception of a household item like scissors.

2. What's in a Kids Craft Box?

Our boxes are filled with high quality arts and crafts materials from papers to glues and paints. Each box has the necessary items to complete the crafts provided in each box.

3. What age kids are these boxes for?

Our boxes are targeted at 2-6 year olds currently. Our boxes have simple crafts activities which support many learning outcomes without overwhelming your little artist.

4. Do the craft activities come with instructions?

Yes. In your box there will be simple step by step instructions for each activity for you to follow along with ease.

5. How long do the activities take to do?

It is really up to you how long you spend working on a creation with your little artist however we have tailored the activities to be no longer than 15minutes on average. Many young children, in particular toddlers can struggle to hold their attention on an activity for longer than 15 minutes.

6. How much is shipping?

Standard Australia Wide Shipping for a single box is $6.95 

Express Australia Wide Shipping for a single box is $14.95

We currently ship our order is Australia Post